The love and bond with the language for those enchanted by its beauty extends far beyond geographical boundaries. For millennia, it has been a melting pot of great poets, authors and artists who have shaped the very culture around their inspirational works. It has lasted thousands of years, going strong with 80 million speakers worldwide today.

From voicing opinions on current issues to leading change, the youth have been at the forefront of many movements. They have effectively used technology and social media to voice out and bring about a change and to reconnect with their culture, tradition and roots. Language, no doubt is the greatest contributor and linkage between us and our roots. It brings us all together and gives us our identity.

Ours is an initiative to expose our youngsters to the magnificence of தமிழ் as we together gear up to modern future. As the tagline of தி இந்து goes ‘தமிழால் இணைவோம்’, this event aims to unite everybody with one intersection- தமிழ் With the evolution of Tamil language and culture going through millennia of change, the event looks to seamlessly integrate the ancient with the modern.

It will the first of its kind event dedicated to celebrate the language its heritage and culture in today’s context.